Blockchain Labs

Just as internet-based companies flourished after the dot-com bubble, we envision a similar long-term trajectory for the blockchain ecosystem. Leveraging our go-to-market accelerator, we will bring in the best and most integrable blockchain companies and match them with corporations and banks.
We are at the tipping point of a rapidly growing and maturing industry; VC money is being deployed at an exponential rate. We see Europe as a breeding ground for blockchain talent and leading companies in the space, containing several hotspots such as Zug, Berlin, and London. Large corporations have entered into the space such as Goldman Sachs, Google, Intel, Fidelity Investments and many more. Even though Europe has nearly as many blockchain projects as in the U.S., there is a significant discrepancy in capital indicating an emerging opportunity in Europe.

Why participate?

Blockchain Companies get access to:

  • Introductions to investors
  • High-quality marketing and access to corporate clients
  • Collaboration opportunities with like-minded and leading companies in the space
  • Talent recruitment

Corporation and Banks get access to:

  • Platform to grow your blockchain relationships and education
  • Technology access – latest innovations for your next POC
  • Blockchain workshops and knowledge sharing
  • Deal sourcing for strategic investments and partnerships

How does it work?

We seek out companies that foster adoption, enable scalability of the blockchain industry while focusing on blockchain-native use-cases that disrupt the way we exchange value and engage with one another. We then tie those solutions in with the needs of the corporations and banks. We will take care of the technical details of integration with the help of our partners and mentors.
Overview of program outline:
  • Launch Day
  • Monthly Dinners
  • Fundraising Meets
  • Acceleration Hours
  • Demo Day
  • Partnership support
  • Reunion dinners
  • Workshops
  • Breakout-sessions
  • Executive briefings

Corporate Focus

Institutional use-cases will drive the next wave of blockchain adoption

Who can apply?

Solid Blockchain startups that are generating income in their home markets. This means you already have a working product that you have successfully launched. Blockchain Labs is here to give you a boost in business development to enter the lucrative German market. More specifically, we are looking for startups who bring:
  • A strong team, preferably two founders, with a focus on Blockchain
  • A ready product
  • Potential to scale internationally
  • At least one founder with a strong technical background
  • Existing customers in the current home market

Corporations and Banks looking to be at the forefront of innovation