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Tuesday, 01.08.2017 by Maria Pennanen
(Frankfurt am Main, 01.08.2017) Accelerator Frankfurt offers a “Go-to-Market Program” for later stage startups in need to accelerate their business development. Accelerator Frankfurt is a private initiative and works in close cooperation with the finance industry and SMEs in Germany.
Sunday, 16.07.2017 by Maria Pennanen
(Frankfurt am Main, 16.07.2017) Accelerator Frankfurt successfully completed its second wave. 
The startups Adjesty (Adtech, Israel), Aeroplan (Insurtech, Israel), AsiaFundManagers (Fintech, Germany), EcoKraft (Fintech, Germany), Norma (Cybersecurity, Korea), Smart Mile Solutions (Smart Cities, Netherlands) and Travel to Live (Traveltech, Canada/Sweden) pitched for a full house of 200 investors and interested stakeholders on 13th of July. The acceleration program condenses two years into four months.

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