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Sunday, 16.07.2017 by Maria Pennanen
(Frankfurt am Main, 16.07.2017) Accelerator Frankfurt successfully completed its second wave. 
The startups Adjesty (Adtech, Israel), Aeroplan (Insurtech, Israel), AsiaFundManagers (Fintech, Germany), EcoKraft (Fintech, Germany), Norma (Cybersecurity, Korea), Smart Mile Solutions (Smart Cities, Netherlands) and Travel to Live (Traveltech, Canada/Sweden) pitched for a full house of 200 investors and interested stakeholders on 13th of July. The acceleration program condenses two years into four months.
Wednesday, 10.05.2017 by Maria Pennanen
Six weeks ago Accelerator Frankfurt launched its second wave. Eight diverse startups joined us: three German (, Travel to Live and EcoKraft), three Israeli (Adjesty, Aero-plan and Kensee), a Korean (Norma) and a Dutch company (Smart Mile Solutions) on board. Fintech is still our focus but being in Frankfurt we have seen the demand for Proptech, Cybersecurity, Machine-learning and Smart-city solutions that serve the corporates and medium size companies. We want to bring people with passion to Frankfurt to help the banks and corporates innovate and find solutions that solve their problems.

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Last weekend was a special one. Seeing teams/startups born is one of the most inspiring environment for any entrepreneur. 

We had our ‘cofounder wanted’ event, to bring together tech and business minded #entrepreneurs. On Saturday evening the participant…

Its the time of the year @EuroFinanceTech in Frankfurt. We are looking forward to hear the latest in #Fintech and #network. #digitalisation #AML #fraud #cyber #blockchain

Deep Tech R&D strong in German Universities, BUT...
A few weeks ago I was in Berlin listening to an interesting presentation by Thomas Sattelberger, which uncovered a research about R&D, Commercialisation and Scaling Up in Universities. There is plenty of…

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