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Wednesday, 22.03.2017 by Maria Pennanen
Representing Frankfurt: Eric Menges, Ram Shoham, Sebastian Schäfer, Gerhard Kebbel, Peter Feldmann, Peter Buxmann, Jochen Biedermann and Uwe Becker. 

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Read my latest blog on Where are all the #female #founders? Is this something for you? @accelerator_ffm is running a #virtual #program this summer. #remotelearning #remoteworking

Amazing how time flies! 4 weeks is gone and the wave7 ended with a #virtual #live #demoday. Thank you startups, mentors, partners and sponsors. We loved it! Work with what you are passionate about and great things…

DEMO DAY Wave 7 >>> Join the final day of #AccFM live now!

The startups @amonwallet, @CoinRuleHQ, @ngrave_official, @unilogin, and @ValegaChain are well prepared - today is their big day!

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