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Montag, 21.11.2016 by Maria Pennanen
It’s about a year ago when I wrote my first blog wondering why Frankfurt, the banking centre of Germany, was not the startup hub for Fintech in Germany. In a year many things have materialised that moved the development to the right direction; some of them planned and some unforeseen. The catalyst for the planned events was the call from Minister Tarek Al-Wazir from the Hessen Ministry of Economy and Energy for different parties to present their concepts of how to build the Frankfurt FinTech Centre. The unplanned booster was the unexpected decision of UK to exit the EU, Brexit.

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Great opening of the @CryptoFinCon valuable insights from #cryptomarket players. #blockchain still under valued, #data is the new gold, #decentralized #exchanges too low liquidity, #sto need regulated exchanges, #crypto winter is not over yet.


Heading tomorrow to Crypto Finance Conference in St. Moritz. Expecting snow, interesting program and great networking with fellow #crypto #investors. Those who want to get more info on what is going on in the crypto market check our Santiment platform on…

36 #Startup #Accelerators für Deutschland. Übersicht, Linkliste und Grafik @joinAPX @PropTechBooster @digitalhub_de @freeelectrons18 @iconiqlab @plugandplaytc @startplatz @Sbootcamp @insurtechmunich @HelloFounders @accelerator_ffm @techquartier

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