Becoming the most innovative company in your industry is not as difficult as it seems.

With our unique approach, we support you adjusting your company to master the challenges of a digital world. With modern instruments and collaboration with startups, we change your innovation mindset to increase the quality of new ideas and accelerate product and service development.

Our Workshops:

Workshop 1

How to become lean like a start-up

By mixing your corporate teams with our entrepreneurs and experts we build a foundation for a new mindset within your company. We help you form innovation teams with sufficient diversity to create outstanding ideas. Step by step, we will familiarize you with actual concepts like agile thinking and minimum viable product development (MVP). Your management and specialists will get inspired by learning how to create value by working differently than they are used to.
Workshop 2

How to create engagement in your team

You and your team will learn to foster a deep trust to improve collaboration. We will explain the roles in agile team structures and change the perception of the participants in order to create transparency while working together. Leaders will learn to become more effective and team members become more confident and assume more responsibility. Ultimately, people who trust each other are more creative and innovative.
Workshop 3

How to develop user-centered ideas

For generating the right ideas you need empathy and an understanding of users needs and obstacles. We will help you with the application of design thinking approaches and switch your perspective. We will identify focus areas where digitization creates benefits for your users and gain insights how you can disrupt your business model, changing the game of your industry. With the right goals in mind, you can create a roadmap and define activities for further implementations.