Accelerate your growth track into Germany, the biggest economy in Europe.

We offer startups an international network of experts with excellent contacts and years of experience as passionate entrepreneurs. We know the route to success - because we have been there. This shows in our excellent track record: 70% of our startups have secured a POC (Proof of Concept) with a German finance institute and/or an investment.
Your success is our success. We have skin in the game, so you can be sure we do our utmost and use all our resources to boost your business on all levels. Which also means we don't accept two startups that are in direct competition: once you are accepted to our go-to-market program, you are the star in your field.
Our primary focus is on fintech, cybersecurity and blockchain startups in the B2B context. You and your team need to be past the idea stage and have a viable product in place. You already earn money in your home market. Now it's time for the next level.

We help you get access to German clients and investors in Europe's biggest economy. In the process, you will profit from our team's experience to refine your strategy, products and communication. Together, let's move your business forward!

Sounds like a good match? Then have a look at our go-to-market program and apply now!