Accelerator Frankfurt Newsletter (December 2018)

Dear Friends, Dear Colleagues,
2018 has been a wonderful year yet again. We have had great startups which are still growing strong and raised an amount of EUR 12 million in combined investments. Most importantly, these companies are setting their footprint in the German market and we are proud to have them in the Frankfurt-Rhein-Main region.
Personally, I would like to thank our strategic partners, d-fine, die.firma, and Taylor Wessing, for supporting our program, our startups and their personal commitment to their success. On behalf of the team at Accelerator Frankfurt, I wish all of you a successful 2019. Keep learning, keep being curious, and keep nurturing great friendships.
Thank you and all the best for 2019.
Accelerator Frankfurt Monthly Newsletter
***Save the date: February 5th, Wave5 Demo Day. Personal invitations will be sent in January.


Latest News
Slush 2018, Helsinki, Finland

An amazing crypto event at SlushMaria Pennanen had the honor to host the panel about the state of regulation and institutional investor adoption of crypto. Thank you to the panelists Rune Bentien and Frederik Gregaard for an insightful discussion. To bring institutional investors in masses to crypto, clear regulation, transparency, and education are needed. Governments should ensure that innovative startups stay and don’t flee to other jurisdictions due to unclarity, unfavorable conditions and lack of regulation. Other topics of the evening were the crypto industry overview, financial inclusion & privacy, air-impact (crowd donation) and Web 3.0 decentralized applications. As custom, slush is the time of extreme weather in Helsinki and this year it seems like the Finnish rubber boots Hai, familiar from Maria’s childhood, are trending among the distinguished panelists Rune Christensen and Richard Muirhead. Great insights great boots! Excellent event thank you Teemu Laurikainen and Henri Hyvärinen!

New discoveries: Backtesting your crypto trading strategies

On November 26th, we hosted together with our partner, Santiment, an info session with selected Crypto enthusiast. Maksim Balashevich, founder and CEO, together with his data analysts, presented the latest trend discoveries in crypto. The session showed how data-driven insights, as well as ways to do backtesting, can effectively enhance your assumptions and strategies. We also heard from Daniel Miller, a crypto market researcher, who explained how following the cap tables and the people behind these, can help identify unique companies to invest in.


Smart Contracts Frankfurt – beyond the hype

One December 10th, we, together with Miguel Vaz and Ali Pasha Foroughi, launched the first of a series of events regarding the topic of Smart Contracts. You can find details about these workshops on the meetup page. The first session was a huge success and we invite you to read further about the topics that we will cover in future events over here, author, Miguel Vaz.

Moskow School of Management 

We just finished our entrepreneurship workshop with Moscow School of Management SKOLKOVO SKOLKOVO Startup Academy. This was a workshop meant for successful Russian companies that wish to internationalize their businesses. Among the participants where companies such as Improve GroupBrainysoftVisiology and, Russia’s leading travel site. We, Accelerator Frankfurt GmbH, believe that change in business can only happen with passionate people. We attract those people and enable them to grow.



Recent Updates & Event
“Gaining risk insights to your business should be as easy as browsing your social media feed”

Alyne secures 3 million EUR Series A financing from investors seeking to capitalize on RegTech boom

Our first wave startup continues to grow strong. What started out with 4 founders in our accelerator, has become a full scaling award-winning RegTech company. Alyne is a pioneer in the emerging RegTech industry, offering a next generation Governance Risk Compliance (GRC) platform that revolutionizes the way organizations mature their cybersecurity, data privacy, risk management, and compliance capabilities.



Covr Security AB closes a second investment round of EUR 2.5 million

(Cybersecurity, Fintech, Sweden) – Covr Security is a true user-centric mobile security management platform. It’s available both as an off-the-shelf authentication mobile app ready for a quick launch and as a powerful SDK for hassle-free integration into existing mobile applications. Covr is developed with the modern-day online business landscape in mind and made to scale for a wide range of industry applications; from financial services to gaming. For further information, email






Founder, Peter  (CEO)

Join us at WeTech Berlin

We are proud to be a partner of WeTech Berlin, (18-19.2.18, Hilton Berlin). The Conference will include a series of unique encounters and discussions on topics focusing on innovation & tech, business ties between Germany and Israel, investment opportunities and more. During the conference, participants will examine how tech and innovation manifest in an array of fields,

WeTech is held by Calcalist, Israel’s leading business newspaper. Our team will present on stage among leading figures in the tech industry both from Israel as well as local. For more information, click here

About the Author

Ram Shoham

Ram Shoham is to Fintechs what George Martin was to the Beatles. He is the Founder of Accelerator Frankfurt with 16 years of international corporate experience in finance and general management before becoming an entrepreneur. Ram is also the Founder of the Blockchain Labs, which is focused on building an ecosystem for promoting blockchain technologies and education in this sector. He learned from his pro-surfing career the importance of surrounding himself with passionate people and being in the right place at the time. Ram has excellent network contacts in Tel Aviv, the actual tech community hotspot in Israel.

Related Article

Monday, 09.09.2019 by Ram Shoham
Dear Friends and Colleagues,

The first Blockchain Labs in Frankfurt is launching on September 10th (Save-the-date). We have a new page on our website Blockchain Labs, we invite you to visit and check it out.

During the summer break, we have been busy traveling and meeting the final selection for the Blockchain Labs wave. We are proud to have met some brilliant entrepreneurs working on heavy-tech projects which we will be sharing with you soon.

We are open to more corporate members who can benefit from our ecosystem. With our unique approach, we support you in adjusting your company to master the challenges of a digital world. Feel free to reach out to Ram for more information.

Personal invitations for the launch event will be sent by the end of this month.

Accelerator Frankfurt team
Apply to our Blockchain Labs at the bottom of the page.
Thursday, 25.07.2019 by Ram Shoham
Dear Friends, Dear Colleagues,

Summer is well underway, and we hope you are all enjoying the warm weather. Blockchain Labs is launching in September with Wave 6 of Accelerator Frankfurt. We are working hard on our final selection of the top blockchain startups who will come to Frankfurt in September. The blockchain labs fosters strategic partnerships between corporates and blockchain technologies. With access to our international network, blockchain companies will be put in touch with the relevant corporations and banks in order to accelerate implementation. If your company would like to be part of our ecosystem, please write us at

We wish you a fantastic summer.

Accelerator Frankfurt team
Apply to our blockchain labs at the bottom of the page.
Monday, 24.06.2019 by Ram Shoham
Down below you will find the link to the presentation Maria Pennanen delivered at the KPMG Isreal Fintech Week. A great presentation discussing the different use-cases of blockchain technology in the finance industry.
Tuesday, 18.06.2019 by Ram Shoham
Dear Friends, Dear Colleagues,

We are very proud to announce that Accelerator Frankfurt was featured among the World’s Best Financial Innovation Labs of 2019! In it, Accelerator Frankfurt is ranked among the top 25 best innovation labs of the world! In the article, our founder, Ram Shoham, talks about how Blockchain will bring a new asset class altogether:
“Now you invest in stocks, in bonds, in savings. You have cash,” Shoham says. “With blockchain, we’re going to see big new possibilities open up in real estate, in art, in technology. We’re going to be able to tokenize all these different investments that have not been available to retail investors before.”

Go check out the full article by clicking on title below

Thank you.
Accelerator Frankfurt team
Friday, 07.06.2019 by Ram Shoham
Ram Shoham and Accelerator Frankfurt featured in article on World’s Best Financial Innovation Labs 2019! See a couple of excerpts here or check out the full article with the link below.
Thursday, 23.05.2019 by Ram Shoham
The Smart Contract Meetup - Scaling the Public Blockchain for Payments was a great event with a lot of interesting ideas shared. We gained a deeper understanding of the projects developing an off-chain approach while addressing some of the legal and technical challenges they face.
Wednesday, 22.05.2019 by Ram Shoham
We are proud to announce that Maria was included in the list of Europe's 50 Most Influential Women in Startups and VC
Monday, 20.05.2019 by Ram Shoham
Dear Friends, Dear Colleagues,
We invite you to our coming Smart Contracts event held at our office on May 22nd, where we focus on Scaling the public blockchain for payments. Our mission is that you leave informed, inspired, and better connected. 

Scalability, high transaction costs and unclear regulatory requirements are a problem. We will host three unique blockchain projects addressing the scalability issues of open blockchain: Raiden, Perun, & Lightning Network

Additionally, Carsten Lösing from White & Case will present the legal qualifications of tokens in the payment side. Drinks and light food will be served courtesy of White & Case. Please register using this link.

Founders of Smart Contract Meetup: Ali Pasha Foroughi, Miguel Vaz, and Accelerator Frankfurt.

Thank you.
Ram -
Tuesday, 23.04.2019 by Ram Shoham
Frankfurt for students ages 14-18 (JULY 1-5)
Price: EUR 535 (incl. vat)
Wednesday, 17.04.2019 by Ram Shoham
Liebe Freunde und Kollegen,

In der heutigen Zeit muss jedes etablierte Unternehmen ihr Geschäftsmodell innovativeren, um konkurrenzfähig zu bleiben.
Auf der anderen Seite sehen wir junge Blockchain Unternehmen, die innovative Produkte und Dienstleistungen anbieten, aber aufgrund des Alters des Unternehmens der Zugang zum Kapital und dem richtigen Netzwerk verwehrt wird.

Wir lösen dieses Problem, indem wir eine Community aufbauen, in der etablierte Unternehmen und junge innovative Unternehmer/innen auf Augenhöhe treffen. Unser Ziel ist es nicht nur den Erfolg für die Unternehmen zu sichern, sondern auch eine ehrliche und nachhaltige Beziehung zwischen den einzelnen Unternehmen aufzubauen.

Als etabliertes Unternehmen profitieren Sie, indem Sie Ihre Beziehung zur Blockchain Technologie aufbauen und vertiefen. Sie können in der Community die neuen innovativen Lösungen nutzen und testen. Die Blockchain Unternehmen werden vor der Aufnahme von uns geprüft, um ein hohen Standard zu gewähren. Somit können wir auch für Sie die Arbeit des Dealsourcing abnehmen.

Unsere Expertise spiegelt sich im Erfolg der letzten Jahre unseres Accelerator-Programms wider. Nun möchten wir auf Grundlage dieser eine neue Plattform aufbauen, welche sich komplett auf die Blockchain Technologie fokussiert.
Wenn Ihr Unternehmen Interesse an der Blockchain Technologie haben und ein Teil dieser Community sein möchten, können wir sehr gerne einen Termin für ein Meeting oder Telefonat vereinbaren.

Mit freundlichen Grüßen,

Ram -
Wednesday, 03.04.2019 by Ram Shoham
Dear Friends, Dear Colleagues,

We just returned from Tel Aviv Fintech Week and Ourcrowd Global Investor Summit. The trip was filled with meetings of Venture Capital funds that have opened their portfolio companies to Accelerator Frankfurt. During the coming weeks, we will be conducting our due diligence for the next wave. If you are a Financial Institution and seek a specific technology, now is the time to write to us, during our selection period.

For those with children, check out our entrepreneurship summer camp below.

Thank you
Ram -
Tuesday, 19.02.2019 by Ram Shoham
Dear Friends, Dear Colleagues,

We had a terrific past few weeks with many things happening. Our fifth wave completed the program successfully, we signed a major partnership with the Tel Aviv University, and more partnerships are coming.

Our focus for this year is Blockchain Technology companies. We are in the final stages of selecting the top blockchain companies who will be joining the Frankfurt Blockchain Hub and working alongside our strategic partners. If your corporation is interested in learning more about membership at the Blockchain Hub, please feel free to drop us an email at

Thank you.
Tuesday, 12.02.2019 by Ram Shoham
We are proud to announce that the Frankfurt Blockchain Hub and The Hogeg Blockchain Research Institute from the Tel Aviv University have signed a cooperation agreement to further support Academic research within the blockchain and cryptocurrency space.
Thursday, 07.02.2019 by Ram Shoham
We are very proud to announce that COVR Security AB, one of our startups, secured a funding of SEK 25M from a number of business angels.
Wednesday, 06.02.2019 by Ram Shoham
Dear Friends, Dear Colleagues, Happy 2019! 

The start of a new year brings along new resolutions, renewed energies and for me personally, a lot of reflections on the year behind us. What is most important for us at the accelerator, is stay passionate about what we do and while this might sound cliché, it works for everyone that is part of Accelerator Frankfurt. As Steve Jobs said: “The only way to do great things, is to love what you do”. This is also true for our entrepreneurs, which is one of our key selection criteria.

Our demo day is just around the corner (fully booked, February 5th), we have a unique fireside chat with Steffen Seeger, entrepreneur, investor and co-founder of Fidor Bank, and our moderator is an officer for the Israeli Defense Forces. Don’t miss it.
Our Frankfurt Blockchain Hub in cooperation with Santiment will be launching in Spring its incubation program with unique international blockchain companies. We will focus on fostering partnerships and business development. More information will come in February. You can apply via our website.
Thank you and all the best for 2019.
Thursday, 22.11.2018 by Ram Shoham
Dear friends and colleagues,
On Monday the 26th of November, we welcome you to our office for another learning session on Crypto Trading Strategies. Expand your trading skills and understanding on cryptocurrencies with one of the top gurus in the space, Maksim Balashevich. Please register here or simply send me an email if you wish to join

Best regards, 
Wednesday, 24.10.2018 by Maria Pennanen
Some two hundred Artificial Intelligence (AI) enthusiasts from European national banks and ECB attended the conference in Frankfurt to learn about AI. Koenraad de Geest, the Director General of Information Systems at ECB, had the opening words and defused the commonly believed threat of mass unemployment caused by AI. The coming 4th industrial revolution will require some of us to reskill, but at the same time offers an amazing opportunity to take advantage of this new technology. Today, ECB uses Natural Language Processing (NLP) to analyze the markets perception on ECB’s communication. Additionally, ECB scraps data from the internet to predict inflation. The message was to embrace the new era and not to be threatened by the science fiction fear scenarios.
Wednesday, 03.10.2018 by Ram Shoham
Blockchain & Crypto Assets, plus Korean startups networking
Dear friends and colleagues,

Our community is once again gathering at the Santiment Blockchain Hub on October 24th, for an evening not to be missed. We strive to enrich our knowledge in the Blockchain and crypto field and want you to be part of this journey. Santiment is a global leader providing financial and crypto market data to investors, hedge funds and academia. Santiment’s data scientists are making regular discoveries in the crpyto space and are giving its community a close insight to such revelations. Join our coming meetup with Maksim Balashevic, CEO of Santiment, and moderated by the internationally renowned moderator, Mr. Peter Hopwood. If you are curious to keep learning, sign up here.

Best regards, 
Wednesday, 12.09.2018 by Ishay Tenster
So, how can blockchain be applied to real estate?

Blockchain technology is all about decentralization and implementing decentralized systems in order to make things more transparent. When it comes to real estate, the industry is very old fashion and virtually no large technological changes have been made in this area for centuries.
Wednesday, 05.09.2018 by Maria Pennanen
(Frankfurt am Main, 30.09.2018) Accelerator Frankfurt partners with Santiment (a successful crypto data insights provider) to set up the Santiment Blockchain Hub. The vision is to build a place where like-minded people can collaborate and to push blockchain to the next level. The Santiment Blockchain Hub, powered by Accelerator Frankfurt, will collaborate with different players in the blockchain ecosystem and academia will be a natural part of the hub. It will provide education in crypto assets and blockchain technology. The target is to create a viable self-sustainable blockchain ecosystem.
Monday, 03.09.2018 by Ram Shoham
Accelerator Frankfurt launch event, October 2nd

Dear Friends and Colleagues, 

Accelerator Frankfurt is inviting its community to our launch event, which will be held in our new office location at MINDSPACE Frankfurt in the city center. A new batch of Fintech and Cybersecurity startups will be attending, as well as a few blockchain and post-ICO companies. We would like to thank our strategic partners, d-fine next, die firma, and Taylor Wessing and in Israel, atobe entrepreneurship center. For registration to the launch event, click here.

Best regards, 
Maria and Ram
Tuesday, 03.07.2018 by Ram Shoham
Dear friends and colleagues, 

Summer months are here already but we at Accelerator Frankfurt are continuing at full speed ahead. The 4th Wave Demo day is over with great success and achievements. Currently we are traveling extensively meeting new startups, investorsand mentors. We are preparing for our next Go-to-Market program, with a strong focus on Blockchain. Below we are happy to present our July newsletter edition. 

We are always happy to get your feedback and comments and would like to take this opportunity to thank all those who replied and advised.  


Maria and Ram
Accelerator Frankfurt
Sunday, 03.06.2018 by Ram Shoham
Dear friends and colleagues, 

A few days before the 4th Wave Demo day (June 19) which reflects the work our startup has achieved throughout the Go-to-Market program, we are happy to present our June newsletter edition. Events' demos, meetings and mentoring occurred this month and we would like to share some of the events here. 

We are always happy to get your feedbacks and comments and would like to take this opportunity to thank all those who replied and advised.  


Maria and Ram
Accelerator Frankfurt
Tuesday, 03.04.2018 by Ram Shoham
Dear friends,

We are excited to present our April 2018 newsletter and share with you our recent activities as well as the coming events in our ecosystem. 
The past few weeks have been very intense with the launch of the 4th Wave of our Go-to-Market program. Also, we have participated in major global events and hosted workshops and meetups. We look forward to seeing you in our next activities as a growing and developing international startup ecosystem in Frankfurt. 

Save the date: Demo Day June 19th.


Maria and Ram
Accelerator Frankfurt
Tuesday, 30.01.2018 by Maria Pennanen
(Frankfurt am Main, 21.01.2018) Accelerator Frankfurt successfully completed its third wave. The startups Cogia (Big Data Analytics / Textmining, Germany), Cytegic (Automated Cyber Risk Officer, Israel), Enterpay (Fintech Payments, Finland), INNAAS (Fintech Digital Concierge, Italy), Robosig (FX AlgoTrading, USA) and Spobi (SportTech, Germany) with our wildcard from first wave Fenror7 pitched for a full house of 200 investors and bankers on 17th of January. The startups pitched in front of the distinguished international jury.
Tuesday, 01.08.2017 by Maria Pennanen
(Frankfurt am Main, 01.08.2017) Accelerator Frankfurt offers a “Go-to-Market Program” for later stage startups in need to accelerate their business development. Accelerator Frankfurt is a private initiative and works in close cooperation with the finance industry and SMEs in Germany.
Sunday, 16.07.2017 by Maria Pennanen
(Frankfurt am Main, 16.07.2017) Accelerator Frankfurt successfully completed its second wave. 
The startups Adjesty (Adtech, Israel), Aeroplan (Insurtech, Israel), AsiaFundManagers (Fintech, Germany), EcoKraft (Fintech, Germany), Norma (Cybersecurity, Korea), Smart Mile Solutions (Smart Cities, Netherlands) and Travel to Live (Traveltech, Canada/Sweden) pitched for a full house of 200 investors and interested stakeholders on 13th of July. The acceleration program condenses two years into four months.
Thursday, 29.06.2017 by Maria Pennanen
ACCELERATOR FRANKFURT's second DEMO DAY! Come see our passionate entrepreneurs pitching together with our guests from VABN. We invite investors from Europe to participate!

Tuesday, 20.06.2017 by Maria Pennanen
After working with startups for years and running an accelerator program, I can confirm that the key to success is quite simple. Obviously after you read this article, my ‘secret sauce’ will not be a secret anymore, so why am I writing this? The reason is that what we have built in Accelerator Frankfurt, cannot be built overnight.
Tuesday, 13.06.2017 by Maria Pennanen
Frankfurt is aiming to win a place as a startups hub in Germany and as a Fintech hub in Europe. Startups are often seen as the disruptors of businesses. The fear is that the use of modern technologies, such as Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Big Data, will make most of the repetitive tasks automated and the people doing them today redundant. On the brighter side the new technologies enable companies find new business models and markets. Big corporates are starting to see the necessity to engage with startups and there are strong reasons why SMEs should do the same.
Wednesday, 10.05.2017 by Maria Pennanen
Six weeks ago Accelerator Frankfurt launched its second wave. Eight diverse startups joined us: three German (, Travel to Live and EcoKraft), three Israeli (Adjesty, Aero-plan and Kensee), a Korean (Norma) and a Dutch company (Smart Mile Solutions) on board. Fintech is still our focus but being in Frankfurt we have seen the demand for Proptech, Cybersecurity, Machine-learning and Smart-city solutions that serve the corporates and medium size companies. We want to bring people with passion to Frankfurt to help the banks and corporates innovate and find solutions that solve their problems.
Sunday, 02.04.2017 by Maria Pennanen
(Frankfurt am Main, 02.04.2017) Accelerator Frankfurt’s second wave of startups began their four-month program on the 27th of March. The startups where presented during our Launch Event at our premises in the TechQuartier in Frankfurt.
Wednesday, 22.03.2017 by Maria Pennanen
Representing Frankfurt: Eric Menges, Ram Shoham, Sebastian Schäfer, Gerhard Kebbel, Peter Feldmann, Peter Buxmann, Jochen Biedermann and Uwe Becker. 
Wednesday, 25.01.2017 by Maria Pennanen
(Frankfurt am Main, 22.01.2017) Accelerator Frankfurt successfully completed its first program with a demo day on 16.01.2017 at TechQuartier. All the eight startups (Alyne, BeeEye, Cindicis, Fenror7, Pronteo, SchnellSpesen, SecuredTouch and Wroomer) that started the program in September, pitched during the final day of their acceleration program. The startups were in areas of FinTech, RegTech, Cyber Security, Predictive Analytics and FoodTech. During the program the startups matured and developed with good results. One of the Israeli startups has already secured a pilot with a German bank and several are in discussion of starting one. In addition, six of the startups have secured follow-on funding while the others will close their financing rounds in the coming weeks. “We are very happy with the results and also in achieving our KPIs: securing a pilot with a major bank and getting over 70% of our startups funded” says Maria Pennanen, co-founder of Accelerator Frankfurt.
Monday, 16.01.2017 by Maria Pennanen
16.01.2017 the startups from Accelerator Frankfurt will have their Demo day @TechQuartier. They are joined by startups from our collaboration partners Deutsche Börse Venture Network Fintech Hub, Main Incubator GmbH and VABN (Aurelis real estate GmbH). We have a full house and the registration for the event is closed. However you can join the live streaming via Startupradio starting 15:50 CET.

A big thank you for our sponsors Deutsche Bank,  Main Incubator, VABN, PWC, Taylor Wessing and Accelerator Frankfurt for making this event possible.
Tuesday, 06.12.2016 by Maria Pennanen
In the startup world we emphasize the importance of teams. Not without a reason; it is what makes or breaks a startup. Success depends on the ability of the team to work together under stressful conditions and still deliver results. Understanding your own and your team’s behavior and blind spots, facilitates finding a solution when a conflict occurs. Diversity is key for good teamwork and the fuel for innovation, however to change and to work in the best possible way requires effort.
Monday, 21.11.2016 by Maria Pennanen
It’s about a year ago when I wrote my first blog wondering why Frankfurt, the banking centre of Germany, was not the startup hub for Fintech in Germany. In a year many things have materialised that moved the development to the right direction; some of them planned and some unforeseen. The catalyst for the planned events was the call from Minister Tarek Al-Wazir from the Hessen Ministry of Economy and Energy for different parties to present their concepts of how to build the Frankfurt FinTech Centre. The unplanned booster was the unexpected decision of UK to exit the EU, Brexit.
Thursday, 22.09.2016 by Maria Pennanen
(Frankfurt am Main, 22.09.2016) Accelerator Frankfurt’s first wave of startups have started their four month program on the 19th of September. The startups where presented during our Launch Event on Tuesday evening at our office in the Westhafen Tower.
Sunday, 18.09.2016 by Maria Pennanen
Accelerator Frankfurt’s first wave of startups will start their four month program on the 19th of September. The first program will take place in an elevated setting at one of Frankfurt’s main skyscrapers Westhafen Tower.
Wednesday, 29.06.2016 by Maria Pennanen
Maria Pennanen, Mitbegründerin des Accelerator Frankfurt, spricht im Interview mit altii über den Nutzen von Accelerators für Startups, Investoren und etablierte Unternehmen, die Zukunft Frankfurts als FinTech Hub und den Ansatz des Accelerator Frankfurt.